USC GamePipe Showcase Spring 2019

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering celebrates the GamePipe Laboratory’s Spring Showcase on Wednesday the 1st of May 2019, 11am to 2pm. Shown at that event will be games & technologies built in classes held in the GamePipe Laboratory Spring semester, including work from the mobile, game engines, VR/AR & advanced games courses.


Parking & Directions
Directions to the USC GamePipe Laboratory are here. We have reserved 40 spaces in Lot 29B, which is enterable from W 27th St at the bend with University Avenue. Please consider taking the Metro Expo Line (23rd St Stop) or Uber to our event! Parking will be quite scarce!

Showcase Agenda

The complete set of trailers is downloadable from here.
The complete set of Spring 2019 Trailers is on YouTube

Advanced Games
The USC GamePipe Laboratory begins its fourteenth year of CSCI-529 Advanced Games, the year-long game design & development course founded by the GamePipe Laboratory's Director, Michael Zyda, in Fall 2005. This year's games include students from multiple curricula throughout USC and outside universities such as the prestigious Game Art & Design Program at the Laguna College of Art & Design. The games chosen in the Spring 2018 contest for development are the following:

  • Abyss - an endless downward adventure game with amazing environments & unexpected challenges.
  • Awakened Dreams - is about Ray, a young boy, and his journey to discover who he truly is. His journey begins when his one and only friend, Sammy, accidentally steps into another dimension and is kidnapped by the creatures that inhabit the other side. Devastated by the loss of his friend, Ray vows to do all he can to get his friend back.
  • Hovenstar - an interstellar tactical role-playing game about resolving time travel crimes, Hovenstar combines handcrafted worlds with procedural content to create deep narrative journeys & dynamic adventures, blending with a tile-based battle system that features our special world swap recipe.
  • Orthoiso - a platformer puzzle game about the little frog Iso’s journey to find his explorer dad in a world of optical illusion.
  • Pytheas - a cosmic terror VR game set aboard a stranded starship where the player must solve the ship’s mystery while slipping further into madness.
  • Teddie & I - some monsters are real.
  • Unfettered - a 2D platform RPG game where you can experience authentic Chinese Xianxia world & choose fate of mankind under the doom.
Mobile Games
AR/VR Experiences
Tech Demos from the Game Engines Course

Advanced Games Projects for 2019 - 2020 - CSCI-529 A&B

If you are planning on taking the CSCI-529 A&B classes, we have started preparations for the team formations. If you have not already done so, please fill in the attached form and provide a non-USC email that we will use to invite you to the shared group. From there, if you already have a project idea, please post it to the group and feel free to talk with any of the AI & LCAD students and the existing threads that have been posted to join a team if you want. Also if you have a project idea already, please upload any relevant documents you have to the following folder as well, and we will share it with everyone.

As a reminder, the deadline for project pitches for next year is
Thursday, March 21st - pitches should be uploaded to the Document folder link below. Qualified teams will be invited to pitch on March 28th. Here are the pitch document guidelines, which also offers a link to a template you can use. Here's a great example of a GDD document from an older AGP project that you can also follow, and here you can find some of the previous year's submitted documents.

Key Documents:
  • Contact Form: Everyone participating must fill out this form.
  • Document Folder: If you have a project idea already, please upload any relevant documents.
  • Pitch Document Guidelines: This document includes all pitch requirements, and also has a link to a pitch template you can use. Here you can find some of the previous year's submitted documents.
  • Game Design Document: Here's a great example of a GDD document from an older AGP project.
Key Dates
  • Team Recruiting - Feb 25: We invite candidates to pitch game concepts for the purpose of recruiting art team members at the Art Institute on North Hollywood. Pitches will start on Monday, February 25th from 3:00-400pm on the 4th floor, located at the Art Institute on North Hollywood, 5250 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
  • Final Pitch - Mar 28: The Final Pitch presentation will be on Thursday, Mar. 28th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm in EGG 108 at USC GamePipe Laboratory, 746 W Adams, Los Angeles, CA 90089. The The selected teams will be announced a week later. Pitch presentation should be 10-15 minutes.

USC GamePipe Laboratory Seminar Series

Title: Fixing the Internet for Games
Thursday, 31 January 2019, 4:00pm
Speaker: Glenn Fiedler, Founder and CEO, Network Next
Location: USC GamePipe Laboratory, EGG-108

The internet is broken for games. It has been optimized to deliver static and streaming content, not interactive and real-time applications. But what if it was possible to prioritize interactive traffic on the Internet? We think it is. Join us for this technical talk as we share our latest research and our vision for the internet fast lane.


Glenn is the CEO of the startup Network Next and a 20 year veteran of AAA game development. He writes about multiplayer game development on

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