GamePipe Brand Retired & Replaced with USC Games

The USC GamePipe Laboratory brand has been retired and replaced with the USC Games logo here.


USC Games Expo - Computer Science (Games) Entries

The USC Games Expo is the Wednesday the 8th of May 2019, 5pm to 10pm. The USC Computer Science (Games) Program, part of USC Games, will be showing games & technologies built in Spring semester. This will include work from the mobile, game engines, VR/AR & graduate advanced games courses.

Parking & Directions
The event will be held in the USC School of Cinematic Arts throughout all buildings of SCA through SCI. The official link for the event is the here.

Computer Science (Games) Contributions Planned for the USC Games Expo Include

Graduate Advanced Games
The CSCI-529 Advanced Games year-long game design & development course will show the following:

  • Abyss - an endless downward adventure game with amazing environments & unexpected challenges.
  • Awakened Dreams - is about Ray, a young boy, and his journey to discover who he truly is. His journey begins when his one and only friend, Sammy, accidentally steps into another dimension and is kidnapped by the creatures that inhabit the other side. Devastated by the loss of his friend, Ray vows to do all he can to get his friend back.
  • Hovenstar - an interstellar tactical role-playing game about resolving time travel crimes, Hovenstar combines handcrafted worlds with procedural content to create deep narrative journeys & dynamic adventures, blending with a tile-based battle system that features our special world swap recipe.
  • Orthoiso - a platformer puzzle game about the little frog Iso’s journey to find his explorer dad in a world of optical illusion.
  • Pytheas - a cosmic terror VR game set aboard a stranded starship where the player must solve the ship’s mystery while slipping further into madness.
  • Teddie & I - some monsters are real.
  • Unfettered - a 2D platform RPG game where you can experience authentic Chinese Xianxia world & choose fate of mankind under the doom.
Mobile Games
  • Art Safari - 3D adventure game.
  • Banana Rama - 3D road crossing game.
  • First Hunter - 3D endless runner.
  • Food Rush - 2D food delivery runner.
  • Honor - a 2D adventure game.
  • Knight Escape - 2D action adventure.
  • Lootera - 2.5D dungeon crawler.
  • Minion Impossible - a 3D endless runner.
  • Nine to Five - office-themed tower defense.
  • Ninja Adventure - a 2.5D adventure game.
  • Origin - 3D survival game.
  • Palace - 2D sneaking ACT.
  • SKR Legend - a 2.5D game.
  • Task Force Pacific - 3D SLG historic.
  • The Falling of Light - an artist's works come to life in game form.
  • The Monsters - 2D survival.
  • Thundershoot - 3D plane shooting game.
  • Venom - classic 2D game.
AR/VR Experiencess
  • BLK - a photorealistic, virtual reality tour through the Caribou diorama at the Natural History Museum.
  • C-AR - An augmented reality based car showroom experience.
  • Jackpot - a fun VR game in the gardens of Springdale that employs speed and cognition to burn calories.
  • Oculaxy - the galaxy of sights, is a platform to create location-based AR/VR challenges and collectibles to turn the environment into engagement battlefields filled with rewards supported by blockchain and challenges to be completed by players.
  • Parkinson - a VR therapy game designed for Parkinsons patients using treadmill, to improve their cognitive and motor functions. The therapy simulates a city enviroment with obstacles to tackle while completing a task.
  • Pocket Pets - An AR game designed for users to adopt and raise their own pets which are capable of engaging with the user.
  • ReviewAR - Product insights from customer reviews in Augmented Reality.
  • Roger That! - is a two-player cooperative action-adventure VR game with stealth element.
  • SmashVR - aims to bring the outdoor racket games sports experience into the comfort of your home but with a twist.
  • Sole Survivor - is a VR horror game emphasizing on atmospheric horror. Player needs to find out a way to escape from the haunted school.
  • Sparow - augmented reality digital audio workstation.
  • The Catastrophe - a realtime simulation to escape the earthquake through a VR tutorial.
  • TnVR - Immersive learning through VR Trivia Mini-Games.
  • Udaan - Udaan is an immersive virtual reality game that simulates flying experiences of a fly in a challenging environment.
  • UP - Expect a wonder journey to explore VR game world.
  • USC AiR - USC AiR is a mobile Augmented Reality data visualization app which communicates with IoT air quality sensors throughout the campus and displays the real-time data as immersive and interactive visualizations.
  • Virtual Doll - a VR doll designed for users to watch different dances for entertainment, also check the weather, check the schedule.
Tech Demos from the Game Engines Course
  • TBD

Advanced Games Projects for 2019 - 2020

CS (Games) Students,

We are joining our Advanced Games Projects course with the USC Games course.

The ppt slide set with details and dates is

This supercedes our previous post.