Elastic Computing Laboratory

For this semester, I am very interested in a small student group, say 4 to 8 students, working on the first project for this new laboratory. The first project will be to put together a demo that uses Amazon EC2. The demo I am thinking of is to build a small set of AI characters, with the computation for those AI characters being carried out on the Amazon EC2 cloud. Those AI characters will be displayed and interacted with on a client running on a PC in the GamePipe Laboratory. This project has two parts:

Part 1- Quick demo that shows we know how to put computation on the Amazon EC2 cloud and that we know how to get results back to a client in real-time. I want latency measurements taken for this. Please try and use an existing online game already developed in the laboratory, say one of the advanced games games.

Part 2 - Once we know how to do this, we need to draft a general architecture and/or guidelines that we can give others so they can also put their computations off onto the EC2 cloud.

Scope of the Elastic Computing Laboratory
Mission: To explore the applications of elastic computing resources delivered by the Internet to client applications for purposes of improving the efficacy, efficiency and engagement of entertainment software and services.
Strategy: To employ students to research and demonstrate specific applications of elastic computing for game products on the PC.
Tactics: Semester long projects that illuminate and demonstrate the capacity to extend existing console and mobile experiences with computing power available on demand.
Scope: The expectation would be for students to work on projects that illuminate key concepts and applications of elastic computing for online games, focusing initially on the PC as target platform and Amazon as the EC2 Platform.

Potential Projects:
EC Instance Framework on Amazon Services
EC Pipe Protocol Design and implementation on Amazon EC2
EC Pipe Implementation and Delivery Demo
EC Application on Game Telemetry for User Identification
EC Application for the delivery of alternative language dialog
EC Application for the delivery of alternative real time sound tracks
EC Application for creating AI simulations of specific multiplayer opponents.
EC Application delivering simulated MP opponents to online games.