USC GamePipe Laboratory Gets New Building!

We moved into the new USC GamePipe Laboratory on Saturday the 17th of May 2014. The official mailing address is 746 West Adams, Los Angeles, CA 90089-7727. But since USC uses its own zip code, Google might want 90007 as the zip code. Google direct link is here.

On the map below, the building labeled “Egg Company Building II” is our new building - it is listed on USC maps as EGG. There is a parking lot behind the building but that lot has a “parking bar” across its entrance, so to park there you have to have a USC permit AND have had your USC ID put into the system for access to Lot 29A. We can run out and open the bar for visitors. You can also park on Adams Street but there is something like a four hour limit to parking there and there are very few spaces.

The USC Shuttle Route B stops at 28th & University. The USC shuttle map and schedule is here.

Next to our building is the John Tracy Clinic and we are supposed to additionally have access to parking there and that is accessible from W Adams Blvd.

If you are coming down from downtown, say the LA Convention Center, get off the Expo Line at the 23rd St stop - we are a short walk from there across Figueroa & down W Adams Blvd. Expo Line Map is here. It is every eight minutes during the day. Get on at Pico if you are coming from the LA Convention Center.

We are spending the summer setting up the lab and figuring out how to use the various spaces. We will post news on the room numbers and their uses soonest!

We are hoping to have enough of the lab setup for E3 week so that we can have a USC GamePipe Open House on Wednesday the 11th of June noon to 2pm. If you are in town and available, come by and see the space! If you are a current or recently graduated student, come by and demo your games to the visitors!