USC GamePipe Laboratory Seminar Series

Title: Call of Duty Analytics
Thursday, 20 September 2018, 3:30pm
Speaker: Justin Shacklette, Principal Data Scientist, Activision
Location: USC GamePipe Laboratory, EGG-108

Call of Duty is one of the biggest entertainment franchises in history. Every single game you play generates megabytes upon megabytes of data. Go behind-the-scenes with one of Activision’s data scientists to learn what we do with all that data. This talk will focus on just a few of the many uses of analytics, including how we keep gameplay fair and maintain safe environments for our players.


Justin Shacklette is a Principal Data Scientist at Activision. He spends his days working on Call of Duty building analytic services that do everything from finding new ways to use machine learning to keep the game fun for all users, to visualizing the performance of eSports pro players. Prior to joining Activision, Justin spent ten years developing enterprise software for web, mobile, and cloud applications. In his younger years, Justin earned a doctorate in physics before turning to software engineering.

Note: This talk is during the Advanced Games course & those students & other currently enrolled USC students are invited to attend.