New Class CSCI-599 Advanced Game Development

E. Daniel Arey and Khaled Abdel Rahman will be co-teaching CSCI 599: Advanced Game Development during the next Fall and Spring Semesters at the USC GamePipe Laboratory. The course will focus on Game Design and Production and will be a project-based class. We'll be covering various topics such as developing game worlds, statistical modeling, and various game production techniques. The course should act as a great set up for the year long Advanced Game Projects class. To give you a bit more of a background, Dan and Khaled have been working together on location-based games such as Ingress at Google for over a year. Dan has previously worked as a Director at Naughty Dog and a Designer at Blizzard, and a large chunk of Khaled’s experience comes from Directing Bloom at USC - we believe that we can help you achieve a higher quality standard in Advanced Games and in future roles. For the graduate folks, this course replaces CTIN 488 as a requirement. The course syllabus is here. Let me know if you have any questions, we hope you register for the course and have a wonderful time!