USC GamePipe Laboratory Seminar Series

Title: Mixed Reality for Space Exploration
Thursday, 1 November 2018, 10:30am
Speaker: Amos Byon, Software Engineer, NASA JPL
Location: USC GamePipe Laboratory, EGG-108

Virtual and augmented reality promise to transport us to places that we can only imagine. When joined with spacecraft and robots, these technologies will extend humanity's presence to real destinations that are equally fantastic. NASA's Operations Laboratory at JPL is spearheading several ambitious projects applying virtual and augmented reality to the challenges of space exploration. Through partnerships with multiple VR and AR companies, scientists on the Curiosity Mars Rover mission are exploring the Martian terrain, engineers are experimenting with new ways to design & assemble spacecraft, and astronauts on the International Space Station are preparing to perform their work more efficiently than ever before. I will talk about our progress so far, the challenges that lie ahead, and our vision for using VR and AR to increase our accessibility to space.


Amos Byon is a Software Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and alumnus of USC (class of 2016). He interned with the Ops Lab Summer of 2016 where he worked on OnSight, an augmented reality application that allows scientists and engineers to immerse themselves within a reconstruction of the Mars terrain around the Curiosity rover. He went on to accept a full time position at JPL with the AI group where he worked on autonomous planning and scheduling for Earth observing satellites. He is back in the Ops Lab working on an augmented reality orbit visualization tool for new mission proposals.