January 2018

New Courses for Spring 2018!

We have two new courses for Spring semester 2018:

  • CSCI-426 Game Prototyping - this course teaches you game design and prototyping and helps you create a pitch for the CSCI-491AB Final Games and CSCI-529AB Advances Games courses. The syllabus is here.
  • CSCI-599 Immersive Environments - this is a new course being submitted for approval as CSCI-538 Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality. The syllabus is here.
Sign up now before we run out of seats!!!

USC GamePipe Laboratory Google Group

If you are interested in being a member of the USC GamePipe Laboratory Google Group, you can join here.

I post all internship and position announcements here. I also post important talks here. Join this group with your Gmail address and you will receive position announcements & GamePipe news forever!

This group is moderated directly by me. Please join! Michael Zyda, Director, USC GamePipe Laboratory, zyda@usc.edu