March 2018

Advanced Games Pitching Process

Hello everyone,

This message is intended for anyone who will be participating in next years AGP class (CS529a), so if you are not sorry for the email and you can disregard it.

If you are planning on taking the class we have started preparations for the team formations. As you might know, the AGP class is run in collaboration with LCAD (Laguna College of Art and Design), which provides artists as well as designers through their MFA program. To ease the collaboration between the two programs and identify potential projects for next year we have created a Google Group where you can interact with students from LCAD that are interesting in either joining a team, or have projects and need engineers to recruit.

However, since USC does not provide access to Google Groups through the USC email, I would like everyone to fill in the attached form and provide a non-USC email that we will use to invite you to the shared group. From there, if you already have a project idea, please post it to the group and feel free to talk with any of the LCAD students and the existing threads that have been posted to join a team if you want. Also if you have a project idea already, please upload any relevant documents you have to the following folder as well, and we will share it with everyone.

As a reminder, the deadline for project pitches for next year is Thursday, March 22nd. After that we will select the top ideas and have pitch presentations mid-April from where we will select the final games that will participate in next years AGP class. Here are the pitch document guidelines, which also offers a link to a template you can use. Here's a great example of a GDD document from an older AGP project that you can also follow, and here you can find some of the previous year's submitted documents.

Final AGP Pitch Submission Deadline  - Mar 22, 2018
The Final Pitch documents must be submitted the week prior to the presentation for review. 

Final AGP Pitch - Mar 29, 2018

The Final Pitch presentation will be on Thursday, Mar. 29th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm in EGG 108 at
USC GamePipe Laboratory,  746 W Adams, Los Angeles, CA 90089. The selected teams will be announced a week later. Pitch presentation should be 10-15 minutes. 

Be sure to take advantage of coordinating with artists from LCAD. The more polished your pitch the better the odds of selection. 

Good luck.