May 2018

USC Games Expo

USC Games Expo
USC Cinematic Arts Complex
Wed, May 9, 2018
4:00 PM – 9:30 PM PDT

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USC GamePipe Laboratory Games to be show at the USC Games Expo are listed here.


USC GamePipe Games Showing at the USC Games Expo

On Wednesday the 9th of May 2018, USC is hosting the campus-wide USC Games Expo. At that Expo, games built in the GamePipe Laboratory will be shown. At that event will be games & technologies built in graduate classes held in the GamePipe Laboratory Spring semester, including work from the mobile, networked AI, console games, VR/AR & advanced games courses.

The trailers for the games to be shown are not yet here.

Advanced Games
The USC GamePipe Laboratory CSCI-529 Advanced Games course is the year-long game design & development course founded by the GamePipe Laboratory's Director, Michael Zyda, in Fall 2005. This year's games include students from multiple curricula throughout USC and outside universities such as the prestigious Game Art & Design Program at the Laguna College of Art & Design. The games chosen in the Spring 2017 contest for development over the next two semesters are the following:

  • Embedded - is a virtual-reality photography game developed in Unity about journalistic choice and how the media shapes public perception
  • Paws 'N Claws - is a VR first-person tower defense game, where the player, playing as a dog, defends their house and goldfishes from professional cat thieves, using whatever they can pick up and their paws.
  • Friendshrimp - Traverse an immersive and destructible world as a colorful crustacean equipped with a legendary pair of fists. Solve puzzles and punch your way through stunning aquascapes as nature's fearsome but fun mantis shrimp.
  • Knight Errant - is a mobile, casual role-playing game that aims to bring casual players the core of the role-playing experience, by avoiding leveling and grinding and hoarding, and focusing on compelling storytelling driven by player choices.
  • Supernova - is a narrative-driven VR Rhythm Game that puts the player in their own music video and mixed with RPG elements, aims to deliver a fun and fast-paced psychological thriller narrative game.
  • Unfolded - is an origami, 3D third-person, action-adventure game. In Unfolded, play as Kiri discovering who she is and what she is capable of. Kiri gains the power of folding and unfolding paper into different forms. As the journey unravels, Kiri takes on a variety of dungeons, where she uses her power of folding/unfolding to fight enemies and solve puzzles; all in an attempt to save her paper world.
  • Wavebent - is a 3v3 gravitational brawler. Use physics, waves, and terraforming tech to knock your opponents out of orbit.
Mobile Games
  • Apocalypse - Apocalypse is a 3D strategic tower defense game with a strong storyline about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. During the game, players can build their base, including barracks, ore refinery, outposts and walls, and choose to use their hero, the horsemen, slide the view into the battlefield to sway the war. Web site is here.
  • Clash of LA - 2D tower defense. Web site is here.
  • Daisy - Adventure, flappy bird like and 2D game. Web site is here.
  • Fantasy Escape - survival game. Web site is here.
  • Fragments - A 2D side-scrolling action RPG that features combos of magics. Web site is here.
  • Not Today - a tower defense game mixed of 2D tower defense mode, 3D running mode and 3D fps mode. Other features include gesture recognition, VR, mobile microphone FX. Web site is here.
  • Ocean Fallout - 3-D rail-shooter game. Web site is here.
  • Peter Pan's Dream - 2D, side-scrolling, platform, running game. Web site is here.
  • Racing Fury - car racing game. Web site is here.
  • Revive the Titanic - a lovely parkour game. Web site is here.
  • Save John - 3rd person shooter. Web site is here.
  • Scyther - Interact with an AI to complete the tasks. IBM's Watson is used for NLP. Web site is here.
  • Tak3n - 3D First person shooter game with a fantasy narrative. Web site is here.
  • Taystaé Planet - a 2-D rope physics based strategy game. Web site is here.
  • Wadu Heck - 2D scroll adventure game with simple art style. Web site is here.
Networked AI
  • Project Venus - a spectacular effort utilizing NLP, IBM's Watson, & TensorFlow. Web site is here.
  • Western Horror Story - multiplayer with AI characters.
  • Project Caesar - networked, multiplayer.
  • Dota 2 AI - building an AI to fight in Dota 2.
  • Wildstyle Basketball - web site is here.
Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality
  • ShoppAR - Platform: iOS (using ARKit) / Microsoft Hololens - ShoppAR provides an augmented reality / mixed reality shopping experience. It offers a wide variety of features that include live product information, nutritional info, indoor navigation, product comparison etc. It also features a recipe shopping experience that allows shoppers to quickly shop for their favorite recipes.
  • Affective Reality - Platform: Microsoft Hololens / Windows Mixed Reality Headset - Running on an augmented reality device such as a HoloLens or iPhone, this software detects and analyzes multiple modes of affective data such as facial expressions, word sentiment, and vocal tone in real time. This information is then synthesized and rendered to the device in an intuitive manner for the user to utilize in order to improve interpersonal communication in a one-on-one setting.
  • Pottery Potter - Oculus - Make pottery in virtual reality as if you were doing it in real life. Learn how to make different kinds of pottery and learn about the history of pottery.
  • Cooking with Glarb - Platform: HTC Vive - You are a human chef astronaut who has crash-landed on a strange alien planet, now forced to make a living by cooking alien cuisine for your new alien customers. Contending with exotic alien ingredients, finicky alien customers, and a malfunctioning kitchen set in the back of an alien truck stop, you must earn enough credits to fix your spaceship and get the hell out of dodge or risk being stuck as an alien cook for the rest of your life.
Various Tech Demos from the Game Engines Course
  • TBD