USC GamePipe Seminar - Understanding Networking in Multiplayer Games - Best Practices

Tuesday, the 28th of January 2014, in RTH-321, 10am to noon
On his sixth anniversary at Activision/Treyarch, USC GamePipe alumnus, Senior Software Engineer, Bharathwaj 'Bat' Nandakumar returns to the GamePipe Laboratory to give a technical presentation on how to make really big games.

Networked multiplayer games have been very popular over the last decade or two. As the games grow bigger, there is the challenge of sending enough data between two devices in a way that their gameplay experience is not compromised. The purpose of this talk is to help you (as a programmer) to architect the networking of a game. You will be able to answer the following:

What network architecture to use? P2P or Client/Server?
  • TCP / UDP?
  • Data Packing
  • Debugging
  • Client Prediction
  • Lag
  • Challenges