USC GamePipe Laboratory Showcase

The USC GamePipe Laboratory Showcase is when students show off games and tech built in the laboratory in the last semester. Participants in the lab include students from the Viterbi School of Engineering’s Computer Science Department (BS in Computer Science (Games), MS in Computer Science (Game Development), PhD in Computer Science (Games)) as well as students from other USC programs.

Parking & Directions
Directions to the USC GamePipe Laboratory are here. We have reserved 40 spaces in Lot 29B, which is enterable from W 27th St at the bend with University Avenue. Please consider taking the Metro or Uber to our event!

The Fall Showcase is the Wednesday of the FIRST week of Finals at USC, 11am to 2pm:
The Spring Showcase is the Wednesday BEFORE GRADUATION at USC, 11am to 2pm: 9 May 2018 is the next Showcase.
The USC Academic calendar is here.